Mock Lab 7 corrections (spoilers)



Mock Lab 7 is a great lab with many situations that make you stop and think.  I loved the troubleshooting section, and the configuration section had me laughing a few times as I realized what it was I needed to do.  As with all new products, I found several errors in the task list that need to be corrected, and I thought I'd share those in hopes of creating a better overall experience:


Task 1.3 specifies that R5 should authenticate with the username CISCO, but the solution doesn't seem to address this.  The SG even highlights in the ppp debug that it responds with hostname Rack1R5.

The task 2.1 solution seems to forget the requirement for /28 loopback addresses (this affects the 2.8 solution as well)

Task 2.13 requires both static IPv6 routes and a new network to make it work, but neither are explicitly allowed by the task.  I double-checked the rules of the lab and neither are allowed unless explicitly stated otherwise. The static routes are probably the bigger deal, as the mention of tunnels pretty seriously implies new addressing.


Again, ML7 was a great experience and this isn't to knock it down, but rather to try to build it up.  2.13 is probably the only one that I affected my experience during the lab itself, as I couldn't resolve the conflicting requirements and ended up skipping the task.  Thanks in advance if any of this gets resolved!



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