Yusuf Bhaiji Labs

Hello all,

just a general question - does anyone know if I'm INE's Rack Rentals support Yusuf Bhaiji's labs from his v3.0 configuration practice labs book ?



  • short Answer is "NO"


    Deepak Arora


  • Some other rack rentals with INE compatibility may work.

    They need to have two Ethernet interfaces connected per router; INE has enough serial interfaces.

    Some INE-compatible rack rental vendors have extraneous interface connections (not used by INE configs) so it becomes possible to juggle devices to get Yusuf's rack.

    E.g. www.gigavelocity.com Rack1 has surplus interfaces connected that you can use Yusuf's Lab 1.

    I have the necessary config file changes and device remapping. I have not tried Lab 2 yet, but it should work.








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