vol 2 (lab-6)

I have a doubt regarding section 3.3 in lab 6 of Vol-2. As per solutions,(pasted below)


=====    R2     ===========

router ospf 1

redistribute bgp 200 metric 20 subnets


router bgp 200


address-family ipv4

neighbor route-map FROM_R9 in

neighbor route-map TO_R9 out

neighbor send-label



route-map FROM_R9 permit 10

set ip next-hop


route-map TO_R9 permit 10

set ip next-hop




When i try to set next hop as, it gives error that it can send its own ip address. I actually dont understand the logic behind setting next hop as through route-map and then sending it through "neighbor" command to R9.


Please help me!

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