Someone was asking about Koenig IE bootcamp?

Hiya, I attended in July and left early as I was so disappointed. 

Koenig CCIE Lab Review

As there is a severe lack of impartial reviews of Koenig (particularly CCIE Lab) courses, I've decided to gather some info, along with my own review. You can read in detail or skim through it.
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CCIE Lab 2 Takes
I would like to make it very clear for people considering this course that it isnot an end-to-end solution. I consider this course to be falsely advertised at present.
The advantages provided by this course are firstly your own dedicated rack with full support where software and hardware upgrades or repairs are necessary. I had 3 hardware and one software issue during my 24 days. 
Secondly, a supervisor is present in the room to answer any and all questions. At the time of this review the supervisor had not yet passed, but was knowledgable enough to answer all questions. Thirdly there is the advantage of being extracted from home or work distractions, support calls etc. Being with other CCIE Lab students can also help.
The disadvantagesinclude the fact that this "course" is self-paced. You are presented with lab Q & A files on arrival and told to start. There areno lectures, only responses to questions. There is no strategy advice unless it is asked for but questions must be very specific. Also, this course is in Delhi only, depending on what your are accustomed to, this may be very difficult. I don't understand why there is a "2 takes" option. There is no point in planning to fail. The second take is not included so why mention it. Students do not have 24/7 accessto equipment, either locally or remotely. We only have access from 8:30am to 6:30pm. But it is not convenient to leave the center later than 5pm as the traffic gets very bad. 

I recommend this course only for those who are very diligent and have little time and lots of money, and have completed at least workbook 1 or plan to split the course in two, with the appropriate amount of time in between to complete the time consuming self paced study.
Note: no one has ever passed directly from this course.

I am hoping Koenig will make some changes, if and when they do, I will update this blog.

CCIE Written

I am very happy with the written course. My teacher had a clear accent and could explain everything clearly. He could answer any questions I had that were inside the scope of the CCIE Written. I did very well in the exam and gained a lot of knowledge in the process. I had 1-to-1 training, which I would highly recommend as it means you can set the pace. I also had a LAB on which I could check commands and technologies. 

Koenig Premises (Delhi - Building 2)

The building itself was not as good as I expected, but perhaps I expected too much. Each morning something in the air would sting my eyes (perhaps a cleaning product). It was monsoon season so very hot and humid. Each lab/room has air-conditioning. It broke once but was fixed by the next day. The heat was unbearable so 2 of us left early that day. It wasn't as clean as it could be because it was an old building. Staff were very helpful and assisted us in any way possible.
Lunch is a choice between McDonalds, Subway, Dominos and Hakka (Indian). The lunch order system rarely worked, also the internet connection from the centre had frequent outages, (This is very frustrating when you need the CISCO Doc CD).There is also a fridge full of water. There are no snacks but there is a small kiosk right outside. 

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