Network Architect Specialist Position Available (CCIE)

We currently have an exciting position avaialable for a Network Architect at a large Corporate Company in the ISP Industry. The are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This individual will ensure that the performance and availability of the server and network infrastructure is maintained to the highest standard with maximum levels of productivity and efficiency.  They are responsible for installing new systems and the ongoing administration and support of those systems.


Job Outputs


Troubleshoot high-level problems:

  • Provide high level support for all network and system related problems.
  • Analyse problems, research solutions, implement, test and manage (re)solutions.
  • Work in close collaboration with networks, systems teams and other divisions.
  • Communicate technical solutions and implementation processes.
  • Document hardware and software problems and resolutions.
  • Provide high-level support for the networks and systems teams alike.


Install network components and solutions:

  • Identify and interpret Business requirements in relation to the data presented and current network configuration.
  • Architect design to meet business requirements.
  • Plan, install, configure and test network/system hardware, peripherals, operating and application software and software upgrades.
  • Document network and system installation, configuration procedures and current configuration.


Operational improvements:

  • Monitor and analyze network performance.
  • Optimize strategic and operational implementations.
  • Develop and implement preventative maintenance measurement, tools and systems.



Job Competencies


Knowledge of:

·         Principles and methods of strategic planning with knowledge in information engineering and the principles of planning, analysis, design, generation and implementation of network and solution design.

·         In depth knowledge and experience in the design, implementation and management of campus, wide area networks and network related solutions.

·         Extensive experience with Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) in dial-up and Broadband environments, using the RADIUS protocol.

·         Working experience with Network management systems, including graphing, traffic analysis, monitoring and the SNMP protocol in general.

·         Experience with the various internet access technologies in South Africa, including dial, ADSL and wireless.

·         Basic programming skills, with good experience in scripting languages such as Perl.

·         Some experience with basic database design and data extraction.

·         Proper configuration control, records maintenance and storage for local and distributed environments.



 Ability to:

·         Plan, design and maintain networks and solutions.

·         Provide technical support to users.

·         Plan, analyze, design, generate code, test, implement simple to complex software application solutions as needed to design and maintain the networks and solutions.

·         Communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical terms to customers and other staff.

·         Read, interpret and apply technical data processing manuals and related documents.

·         Keep current by reading, interpreting and applying information presented in trade journals, newspaper and magazines.

·         Prepare clear and concise written communications and make oral presentations.

·         Prioritize requests, organize, schedule, and coordinate a variety of activities and projects.

·         Ability to learn new technologies and adapt to changes in technology.

·         Establish and maintain cooperative working relationship with all those contacted during the course of work.

·         Understand and follow oral and written directions.

·         Communication both orally and in writing in a clear and concise manner.

·         Apply policy and procedures related to the assigned duties and responsibilities of the position.


Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Masters preferred) in Management Information Science, Computer Science and Information Engineering.
  • Minimum CISCO CCIE or equivalent industry related qualification.
  • The successful candidate will have experience in most if not all of the following enterprise level technologies:
    • High-level network design and implementation.
    • Network management and monitoring, including applications like MRTG, Netflow, Bigbrother etc.

o    Extensive experience with Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) in dial-up and Broadband environments, using the RADIUS protocol.

o    Advanced understanding of all layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack.

o    Being the final tier of investigating and troubleshooting critical problems.

o    Advanced scripting skills, preferably in Perl or related language.

o    Evaluation and deployment of new technologies and solutions, based on customer requirements.

o    Strong ability to identify and analyze requirements and design/implement the best solutions.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your CV to me at [email protected]. I will give you more information on the company.

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