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I cannot find a good MPLS work book. All the Cisco ones either miss part or use tons of gear. I have four router that can run MPLS an two routers or L3 switches can use a the CE.




  • HI,


    The biggest problem with CCIP MPLS exam prep is that there is no specific book for CCIP MPLS exam from Cisco press also finding CCIP Level MPLS labs is pretty tough.

    Based on my CCIP MPLS Exam experience you can use any of following stuff. Although personally I used INE SP VOl 1 Tech Labs and found them very handy.



    1. INE SP Vol 1

    2. INE R&S Vol 1


    Advanced MPLS Design and Implementation (CCIE Professional Development)- cisco press


    MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software (Networking Technology) - Cisco Press <- But this book may be little too advance for CCIP Candidate


    AS far theory goes - MPLS Fundamentals from Cisco Press is a very good choice to go with.



    Deepak Arora

  • Thanks for your input Deepak,

    I have the MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software, i thought this was the best book so far that i have come across. I will checkout Advanced MPLS Design and Implementation, although i had dismissed this one as i thought this book would have been to much for the CCIP student such as i.

    I have just managed to get an old copy of Sybex CCIP MPLS, which looks ok, although the lab part is a bit sparse.

    Thanks again. I think i will write a lab book and get CP to print it! :)

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