VOL IV vs VOL II TS: what's the difference?



Could someone explain the difference between the vol 4 product (10 TS labs) and  the  vol2 TS labs (6 and counting).

Is there a difference in difficulty? I presume both sets resemble the actual TS section.


Does the vol4 product have its own roadmap (last update was back in March/May) or is it being

superceded/subsumed under vol2? Tks.


  • Volume II TS labs are meant to emulate the actual lab exam.  They combine 2-hour TS sections with 6-hour config sections to give you practice with the lab exam format.


    Volume IV is troubleshooting on steroids.  It's a very deep look into what makes things tick and how they can break, such as OSPF database evaluations and the like.  It is not meant to emulate the lab exam but to give you sharp troubleshooting skills that will aid you on your attempt.  Some people who go all the way through Volume IV claim that the TS section on the lab is a joke.


    Personally, I didn't go through Volume IV, and I did fine on the troubleshooting section in the actual exam.  It all depends on your style and personal weaknesses. INE has a myriad of troubleshooting products, so take your pick and dig in!

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