CUCM PUB SUB Database Sync problems


Hi Experts,

Guys anyone have recommendations on Database sync issue if faced in lab.

Are these issue prominent only on VMs ?

Recently i had an issue where one of my phones was  having problem

1.Registering with primary CM (Subscriber) when i made the phone fall back to secondary CM (Publisher) it was registering ok.

2.My device restart/resets were not working sometimes.

3 I was changing the External Phone Number Mask it was not being applied to the phone.

4. Some of the settings were being accepted when being applied un CUCM.

Although solved the problem after several hours . Used the following command to delete the SUB database and get it from scratch from PUB "utils dbreplication forcedatasyncsub all" . Might help someone.

Cant imagine these issue happening in production enviroment. Specially when the backup servers are load balanced to begin with :).


Some of the database replication commands take 20-30 min.

What could be raised with the proctor at the Lab if such mishap happens ?

How to deal with such situation in the lab?





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