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I just took my CCNP Tshoot exam.  It crashed on me and I still got a 780 so once its sorted out with the testing center I'm sure I will blow that one out the park.  With that said the sales are comming to a end soon.  I would like to start my R&S right after and I'm curious about what to buy.  I'm not to keen on buying the written exam COD at this point cause I feel that studying for the lab and some reading will give me what it takes to pass.  However with that said I am looking at Vol 1 and possibly one more item, I just don't know what will give me the most bang for the buck.  I have already puchased my vendor independant and cisco books for reading material.  Anyone have any insight on the best tools for just starting your journey on a buget of around 600-800 dollars?





  • Well - Volume 1 is a great start. What about Rack Rental Tokens? Do you have a rack that matches the Graded Labs topo?

    Also, you might want to look at new classes on demand that we offer real affordably - like MPLS, or BGP or Multicast or Security. I would recommend you start going after your weakest areas right away. 

  • Best thing is to purchase End to end program. May be its bit expensive but at the end you will never regert your decision. This is best thing to purchase.

    In case only two items, then workbook 1 and OLS (open lecture series).

  • Thanks for the replies


    I can swing buy without tokens.  I have 3 3725, 4 3550 with EMI, 3 2651XM a frame switch and about 4 2610's.  I have read of the limitations of the 3550's so the plan is to do what I plan do to is the practice the 3560 specific commands at work then do my 8 hr and Troubleshooting labs on live racks.  So I may swipe out the credit card and get the entire set.

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