Pass CCIE at the first attempt? Impossible? [UPDATED]


Your exellencies,

Firstly I should say that I'm not certified as a CCIE yet and don't have any success story to share with u, but I'm confusing an issue and I don't know where to share it, I just believe in INE and INE's forum, I will take my first attempt in the 2nd week of September 2010.

Do u guys think that there's an undocumented rule which limits the number of people who pass at the first attempt? I know some guys in my city must take 2nd or 3rd attempts to pass, I'm very worried about that, I'm just a graduated student from university, I've been working hardly past-time job for a long time to collect enough money for the trip of my life.


Hi everyone,

My name is Nguyen Tuan Anh, I warmly inform all you guys that I've passed the CCIE-RS Lab Exam in the first attempt at Cisco Sydney Lab. My number is CCIE#26930. I've got a little bit worry before taking the exam but finally everything has gone okay!

First and foremost, I would to give all the best words to Anthony Sequeira who encourages me via his awesome video "Secret to CCIEv4.0" and his immediate response to this thread. Secondly I want to give many thanks to Proctor Li Yang at (Cisco Sydney Lab) who was very friendly and ethusiastic.

I'm 23 years old and have just been graduated from an university, I consider myself as a CCIE Kid, not due to my age because I know there're people who passed at the lower age in the 1st attempt, but instead I know my knowledge is very little, there're lots of knowledge need to be explored and studied, of course the experience is also the other important thing besides the knowledge.

Finally, I would like to say thank INE very much. Their workbooks are awesome, they are needed for people who want to be certified as real CCIEs with powerful knowledge!


  • ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is no secret formula that Cisco uses to ensure a certain number of candidates fail on their first attempt!

    If you are interested in what it takes to pass on your first attempt - check out my free vSeminar on "Secrets" to Version 4 CCIE R&S Success at

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