ASET Labs updated to v4!


for those of you who are lucky enough to work for Cisco Partners, and have access to the ASET Labs, I have just discovered that they have started releasing version 4 labs. So far, there is only one lab, and it is a troubleshooting lab, but I suspect this means more are on their way.

I have done the lab, and found it to be pretty realistic, there are something like 30 routers in it, and I found the difficulty similar to that of the real thing (although possibly erring on the easy side).


  • Hello cstogale,


    Indeed i had an answer from LabOps on July :


    "We're working on the first troubleshooting lab right now. We hope to make it available by ~maybe the end of this month. This will be strictly troubleshooting and no configuration. Probably then there will be another troubleshooting lab before we do new content since we think the current v3 content still has some value even for the v4 blueprint lab."

  • The second troubleshooting lab is out! And it is a corker. A proper MPLS network with multiple customers and some really good troubleshooting tickets. Roll on the v4 configuration labs! I am going to have to ask them if they will be getting anything else out before the end of November (my third attempt).

  • And now the first configuration lab! Oddly similar in terms of content to V3 though. No new technologies that I spotted. One really big difference though is the switches were virtualised! (I will post about this seperately).

    Quite tricky though, a lot of emphasis on routing and some quite complex scenarios.

    I suspect the next one will focus more on the new technologies.

  • The second configuration lab has just arrived.

  • I wish to be working for a Cisco partner and have access to those labs ?  [;)] ....hehehe


    Is there any way someone can access those labs by funding some little money to cisco or do I have to find a secret agent who can get me those labs somehow ? [H]



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