Quick Vol 2 Labs question

Are the Vol 2 labs designed around the v4 configuration sections time of 6 hours (well, with OEQ when these labs were written the time would be 5.5 hours)?


I'm just curious - I'm just getting into this workbook and wanted to have som idea as to what a decent time is for some of the average labs. I assume the harder labs will take longer that 5.5 or 6 hours?


I just want to make sure that if they are not really designed with that time in mind, but more like 8 hours like the good old days then I won't be so hard on myself.




  • I would say that on a level 7 difficulty lab - you should have the configuration section complete (and you are ready to do your final verifications) in about 4 hours. This shows you are ready for the real lab.

    Certainly do not be overly stressed if you are not at this pacing early on - and you should certainly not be at this pacing with the crazy hard labs.

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