General confusion about the diagram reference

Hi all,

im am just starting WB Vol 1 with the the Bridging and Switching Part, and i am confused to which diagram this part of the WB is referencing.

In the first task it says: "Using the diagram for reference"

But i am not sure to which diagramm they are refering.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with my problem.

i have found the pdf with the diagramm, but i am not sure if it is the right one for the bridging and switching part.

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  • Hello Christopher,

    The logical topology diagram, and the physical connections diagram, are on the same page where you launch the .pdf for the workbook.   Use the L3 diagram to see what vlan Routers are in, and use the physical diagram to see the physical connections regarding which ports, so that you can put the switchports into the correct vlans.   You could also enable the router interfaces, and use CDP to discover that information.

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  • See this post:

    Read the comments by Deepak. This will give you the proper perspective.

  • Thanks Keith and Markb. Your comments solved my problem.



  • How about connectivity between BB1 and FRS? I found something weird:

    interface Serial1/1
     description Serial to FRS
     no ip address
     encapsulation frame-relay
     no fair-queue
     no shutdown

    But in the net file:

    [[ROUTER BB1]]
              model = 3725
              console = 2011
              cnfg = /Applications/Dynagen/sample_labs/internetworkexpert/initial.configs/BB1.initial.config.gns3.cfg
              s0/0 = R6 s0/0
              s0/1 = BB3 s0/0

    There is no physical connection between BB1 and FRS. I dont know this is correct one or there is a mistake with my .NET file?

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