CCIE LAB equipment to 1841 and 3825

Hi all,

I am new for studying CCIE lab and that forum.

I want to build a R&S lab and i read the previous titles for it. But i m worried about choosing lab equipment.

In spite of announcing Cisco 1841 and 3825 from Cisco about R&S exam, why are we working to build  the lab  with 2610XM, 2611XM like that. That exam includes Cisco 1841 and 3825 ? please help me about it. But i know these routers are more expensive than 2600 series. But if we join that exam, dont  we have to prepare the exam  with 1800 and 3800 series?

And i want to learn that if we want to buy only Cisco 1841 and Cisco 3825 routers, which routers can be replaced with these routers ? Especially, I need help  for that question. Can you write a list like that.

DEVICE       OUR PLATFORM      ONLY CISCO 1841 and 3825 and which module

R1               2610XM                          ?

R2               2610XM                          ?

R3               2611XM                          ?

BB1               2501                            ?

BB2                2501                           ?

BB3                2501                            ?


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  • My lab is built solely on 2800's and I've found about 2 things I can't do with all the material INE have produced. So you should be fine with the 1841's and 3825.

  • thank you for your replying, jbatty.

    But i am not sure that using 3845's instead of 2610XM, 2611XM or 2501.

     Plaese help me about that.

    I want to buy INE documents and studying with them, but i also want to  study CCIE  like Cisco says. Because that exam was done by Cisco.

    Thanks again.

  • It all comes down to cost.   If you have enough cash to buy 1800's & 3800's then go ahead and buy them.    INE's document provides information on what will be able to teach you the most on what is needed.

    My home personal lab consists of 2600XMs, 3725s, 3550, 3560s.   Some of the older platforms code stops at 12.4T(20) when others go past that.  A couple of things that I cannot run on my lab (3 or 4 specific commands); I run on rented rack space.  Ultimately it ends up costing me less.   Other options involve the use of Dynamips, but some people find that difficult to setup.    As for what is the best solution for you, you need to figure out your current technical abilities, budget, and find what works best for you.   

    You'll find that people are willing to help you out, but only if you do the legwork on research.   Getting your IE is not about the cert, but the knowledge you gain on the way (including the hardware & IOS).



  • You can do most things with 2611XMs and 12.4-15.T13 train except MPLS.

    INE isn't even using a T train for R1-R3.


    INE uses 3  x 18xx series routers for R4, R5, R6 and all vrf/mpls configs.

    This is the main reason you need 18xx routers; otherwise skip all the MPLS stuff

    and do those on a rental rack.

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