Dynamips and WIN 7 Problem

error 209-unable to start vm instance 'r1'


when Ever i start a Router Using

start R1

it give me the Error

error 209-unable to start vm instance 'r1'


I have Condfigured the Path of IOS properlly

What could be a reason for this Error



  • Give administrator rights to your current user of the computer and apply the following steps.

    click on start ---->Controll Panel ---> User Account ---> again click on User accouunt ---> you will find your current user information "change your account control seting" click on it -----> Scroll down the "never notify" ---->Click OK ----> system will ask to restart the computer so restart it.


    I hope this will solve your problem.




  • I Installed a GNS and its working fine 

    But, When i  try to use 2600 series routers 

    one of them gets crashed after 25 to 20 mins 

    is it with IOS issue or My NET file 

    only 2600 gets crashed no other series 3640, 3725, 7200 


  • Make sure if its a 64 bit you edit where needed..Otherwise u will get errors,something its no right in the .net file

    here is and example..

     workingdir = C:Program Files (x86)Dynamipssample_labsinternetworkexpertworking


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