A way to change if name?


As probably most of you, I built my lab with the available equipment, not exactly the same as used in INE, and my if names (especially serial) are different than used in workbooks and init configs.

Is there any way to tell the router that he should name Serial5/3 as for example Serial3?

It would be really nice if my lab interface names were identical to the ine workbook configs.



  • I'm pretty sure you can't.  I think you are stuck with the physical names.   I tried it quickly using the alias command and couldn't get it to work.  I'd be interested if there is anyone out there that can make it work...

  • I'm afraid I don't have a solution for renaming the physical interfaces.

    I had a similar problem, but only a minor one. My lab differs from INE's at the moment only in the interfaces of R4. R4 has s0/0/0 and s0/1/0, which is s0/0 and s0/1 in my lab topology. I wrote a small Linux shell script, which modifies INE's initial lab configs to match my topology. It basically just does a search & replace for the interfaces of R4 and a few other things. This allows me at least to use their original configs, without modifying them manually. But I still have to keep in mind the different interface names, when studying with the workbook. That's not a big problem at the moment, because it concerns only 2 interfaces on 1 router.




  • In a way, let's be grateful that this is not possible... Imagine the torments an evil proctor could inflict with such a feature!


  • I will not worry about proctor's mud for about next six months and I would really appreciate that feature. I imagine that it should be posible from rom monitor mode only, just to adjust interface names when needed. ;-)


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