Diagram Errors?

I downloaded the Logical (IEWB-RS-VOL-1-V5.Diagrams.1.00.pdf) and Physical (ie.rs.v5.0.hardware.specification.pdf) diagrams from my account for Workbook 1 and am getting started on Bridging & Switching.  Are there some other diagrams that I need, b/c the Physical topology diagram references Volume 2 (not Volume 1) and these two diagrams don't match eachother fully:

1. The PHY diagram labels the ethernet interfaces on R3, R4, and R5 as 'E', not "Fa" as they are labeled on the Logical Diagram.


2. R6 shows as having two Gig interfaces on the Phy diagram, but two Fa diagrams on the Logical diagram.

I realize these are not earth-shattering difference, but I just want to make sure I'm looking at the right diagrams...


  • I know R6 is using two FastEthernet interfaces, in place of the Gigabit interfaces in some of the docs.   

    The "E" vs Fa" as labeled on the diagram is simply representing the ethernet, and the port numbering should be fine.

    Please verify that on R4 and R5 that there are Serial 0/0/0 interfaces as opposed to S0/0, and if that is the case, you are good to go.

    Best wishes on your studies.

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