Feedback on the dynamips labs

I've gone through the first four of them.  Here are some bits of feedback/changes users can make to save themselves some headaches:

  • Add "no exception crashinfo" to the initial config for every router.  If SW1...SW4 ever crash they will fill up flash: with a crashinfo file to the point where they can't write the vlan.dat.  Needless to say that is a bad thing.
  • The default ram needs to be 140 instead of 128.  128 is borderline for all of the boxes but 140 has been enough of a jump to stop all of the mallocfailures I was seeing before.  192 is overkill and makes it tough to run the lab on a machine with 4 gigs of ram.
  • Rename all config files to "$hostname.cfg".  Currently they are r1.txt but dynagen can't "import" these.  They need to be R1.cfg, R2.cfg, etc
  • Include the generic Initial configs in the initial config files for each lab.  The reason being you can't do two imports in dynagen because the second import overwrites the first one.  Example:
    • import /all "generic_base_configs"
    • import /all "Lab1_base_configs"
    • The configs end up missing the generic_base_configs pieces
  • ATM interfaces in base configs for routers aren't needed
  • Just do "R1, R2, etc" for hostname, no need for "Rack1" in there too
  • The FastEth 0/0 interface for BB2 and BB3 need the following to correct the duplex mismatch issues
    • speed 10
    • duplex full



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