You know when you've been studying too hard?

So I was doing a practice lab, think it was number 8... and my calling and called transformations weren't working exactly as I had planned.  So I reviewed the requirements, the debugs, the 3 page write up from Mark Snow and finally decided I'd review the Advanced Technologies classes, also from Mark Snow.

These classes were recorded so I'm about half way through and I hear a tone that sounds like my iPhone just got mail.  I check and no mail.  Must be the video.

I watch as I type in something that was recorded 4 months ago.

"Wow, thought I had gotten an email there.  Mark must have an iPhone." 






  • Steve,

    Funny stuff. And yes, it sounds as if you many have been studying too hard recently ;-)

    Only question is whether the iPhone4 has enough features worth buying. Sadly, I'd have to probably say - no, it doesn't.

  • My plan for the iPhone4...


    Sell your 16gig iPhone3 to family member as an iTouch for $100 and now the iPhone only costs $100  Win/win and the glass is made from the same stuff as helicopter glass, that's just too cool not to buy.

  • I would have to agree with Mark on this one, its just not worth it right now. Especially with the prospect of Verizon getting there own version. I really do not want to extend my plan any further out in case something like that does happen. Apple Iphone is actually falling behind a little with this release. Live video phone conversations, only if you are on WIFI? Why would you even have it? There is another phone out there right now, that supports live video via Skype from any where. I am not bashing the new phone, I currently own a 3GS. I just want to hold off and see what happens in the next few months. I mean everything wrong with the Iphone is carrier related. Atandt needs to pickup the pace or get out the way. 

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