MLPoFR error

I got the following error when I worked with MLPoFR in the lab:


%FR-3-MLPOFR_ERROR: MLPoFR not configured properly on Link Virtual-Access1 Bundle Multilink1 :Frame Relay traffic shaping must be enabled.


Is this just a cosmetic error or is this going to cause any problem if I do not enable legacy FRTS on the physical interface? Other than this error, everything looked good. I would like to know what would be the problem if I don't enable frame relay traffic shaping.




  • Under SG, no FRTS is enabled. It works fine except the error message in the log. No mention or explanation of the error msg in SG either. I would assume that the msg is just cosmetic as everything works fine. Any insight? 


    This is for WBII, Lab 8.


  • Multilink PPP is used to reduce latency and jitter for real-time traffic.  The QoS Configuration Guide states:

    Prerequisites for Using Multilink PPP over Frame Relay


    Enable FRTS

    imageFrame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS) must be enabled on the Frame Relay interface.


    You are correct, the interface will come up and work, but to be absolutely accurate, FRTS must be enabled on the physical interface.  You may not get points on the real exam if FRTS is not enabled.  Something to ask the proctor about, perhaps...

    FYI, for LFI to actually activate, you need to apply a service policy to the Virtual-Template, else show ppp multilink will show Interleaving Disabled.

  • Thanks Mate. It sounds like a good idea to add the FRTS to it. I was just curious that SG didn't mention anything about that.

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