Discrepancies between diagrams in PDFs

I am cabling up my lab and there appears to be a number of discrepancies between the diagram/s in


* IEWB-RS-VOL-I-V5.Diagrams.1.00.pdf


* ie.rs.v5.0.hardware.specification.pdf


IEWB-RS-VOL-I-V5.Diagrams.1.00.pdf is obviously for Vol 1 and ie.rs.v5.0.hardware.specification.pdf mentions that it is for Vol 2. I would assume that this means there is a difference between the Vol 1 and Vol 2 topology however the Vol 1 workbook seems to be tied to the Vol 2 diagrams (ie.rs.v5.0.hardware.specification.pdf).

As an FYI also, some interface names vary within the IEWB-RS-VOL-I-V5.Diagrams.1.00.pdf file betweem the colour and B&W diagrams.

My guess is that I should just ignore IEWB-RS-VOL-I-V5.Diagrams.1.00.pdf totally?


  • I have noticed that as well. but just keep the highlevel view in mind of what you are connecting. i.e. fa0/0 or G0/0 does not make a difference when you are connecting because in the end you are connecting "FIRST" interface of that router. Yes it makes a huge difference in copying the initial configs because we have to change the interface names in the configs. But we are going to be network engineers, so we can figure that out right? [;)] Its all part of the learning process.

  • I assume you are referring to is the differences between the colour and B&W in IEWB-RS-VOL-I-V5.Diagrams.1.00.pdf. This is not an issue and I have just mentioned it as an FYI.

    The first issue I mentioned IS an issue as the topology is different in the different files.

  • Sorry, it was my bad, Just to let you know As per INE, Their physical topology remains same for all 4 volumes of workbook as well as CCNP and CCNA materials. The ethernet diagram in the hardware spec. guide is old so interface names are different. and when it comes to frame-relay switch - BB1 and BB3 serial links, keep in mind that FRS and BB1 are one device only. so you will be connecting BB3 directly to Frame-switch. That's why the interface names are not given between those links. When you look at the config of the FRS, you will see that they are bridging BB1 and FRS and using it as one device.

    Hopefully this is what you were asking.


  • I did notice what you've mentioned in the BB1 config yet none of this diagrams show that to be the case.

    Do any of the PDFs contain correct, up-to-date diagrams?

  • I didn't find anything but just this link which is think is same as pdf.


    I guess you can send techedit team at ine an e-mail regarding better explanation on the connections.


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