Not that I'm Complaining.

Eghhh nevermind. I think fatigue is killing my brain cells.


(this post has been edited to preserve sanity)


  • My apologies for the useles post.

  • Well - we do moderate the forum - but our main goal with moderation is for two things:

    1 NDA violations

    2 A newbie being picked on for ANY reason. 

    As far as language goes - you could never offend me. :-) Heck - Scott Morris himself cannot!  :-)

    I will ask our site admin about the filtering policy.....

  • hahahahah, Like I said. I think fatigue and just plain old grumpiness had set in at the moment. Was more of a joke than anything as I noticed one of my words was turned into *** on another post. The word wasn't even foul just looked close enough I guess. Between my two year deciding to stay up all night and me studying till 1am. I think lack of sleep got the better of me. :) 14 cups of coffee later and some good cajun food I'm all straight now. 

  • One of the awesome things about the IEOC is that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!!!!!


    Feel free to just vent here if you need to!


    We have all been there!


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