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If I want to use locations-based CAC in a hub-and-spoke topology (ex. HQ,BR1 and BR2 and CUCM in HQ) , for instance for BR1 in CUCM , where should I specify the location field in a "device pool" or in the device it self and also should I change the location for the gateway in BR1.
Note: even if I changed the device pool location , the location field in the device still Hub_None location.

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  • Hello Mahdi,


    For location based CAC you should set the location on each device that you configure. You will notice that even if you set the location in the device pool, and assign that device pool to a device, the location will be set by default and take into account the Hub_None location parameters (Unlimited Audio and Video Bandwidth). Therefore, if you want to restrict calls between the Hub (HQ) and the spoke (Br1) site, you can create an additional location LOC_BR1 and then assign a limited amount of bandwidth. Such as 72kbps which would allow 3 G.729 calls between the HQ and BR1 locations.

    (Do note that you must create regions and assign codec relationships between the regions for lower bandwidth codecs (G.729 in this case) to be used between phones)


    So what is the purpose of specifing the location in the device pool , and if I have a gateway in BR1 there is no need to specified a location for this gateway , Right ??

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    There are some devices that will inherit the location from the Device Pool, so it is important to still set it. The reason for setting it on the gateway is one for best practice: You should set the location on all devices that can be in a call path. In addition, it is extremely important to have the location set on a gateway in a situation where AAR is employed, where it must be set for proper operation.


    From what I understood from the advanced technologies COD in CAC lecture , I' not allowed to change the HQ bandwidth , I mean "Location HQ" should be unlimited.

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  • You are certainly "allowed" to change the bandwidth to any value you wish, however the best practice design for a hub and spoke topology is to allow unlimited bandwidth to/from the HQ site, and restrict the bandwidth across WAN links with location settings at your remote sites (branch sites) This way, you can control bandwidth across slow speed links and ensure you do not block calls at the HQ site with another site.

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