Structured Approach for CCIE LAB

Please advise the correct forum if this is not the one to get the expert opinion on the subject.

I have just completed my CCNP and embarked CCIE journey. My question is, what is the structured approach for CCIE Lab prep I should follow considering I am doing this as full time job and aiming to appear in lab in Aug?

Since the answer varies based upon one’s tech background/interest/intellect/experience etc, a little about myself would help you advising the best:

I have 10 years of experience in IT as Network Infrastructure Project Manager with NO hands-on Cisco experience, but only putting the pieces together in bigger picture as service delivery using tech teams to take care of equipment configs etc.

Yes, I am moving from general–technical management to technical-technical management and decided to pursue the good ol’ Cisco certification track. I am aiming to do 2 CCIEs at least (RS first and very afterwards SP – why these two? because I have worked in such environments, very familiar with the technologies but again just an overview).

I have been a quite listener from last couple of weeks on this forum and would appreciate your valuable advices to make this journey a fun, challenge and rewarding at the end not to mention the other hard work part of it. I am willing to make necessary investment on study material.




  • Asif,

    I don't know about being an "expert," but I will provide my perspective on your question.  I see many similarities in our backgrounds and goals.  My studies are my full time job, too - if you don't count the family interruptions to take kids to school or work.

    I have a home lab matching INE's topology exactly and I bought their R&S bundle - 4 workbooks, ATCoD, mock labs, etc.  Several of the questions that I hae seen posted on the forum was material covered in the ATCoD.  I can only assume some folks are out there are using the workbooks without the benefit of the other material.  That's OK - I had a little bit of extra money and bought the Cadillac.  Besides, when I can jump in and answer their questions, it reinforces my learning experience.  On the AT course, I am jumping between the older version and the new for several reasons.  The new is not completed yet.  The older version sometimes goes into better detail, but some of the material is dated and newer features may be missing.  Last point on the ATC versions - the older version is a recording of a live online class.  Quite a bit of time is spent watching the instrutor set up the lab conditions.  With the new version, it is recorded just for the ATCoD.  The recording is stopped between content areas and the lab is prepped before getting into the actual demonstration.  You don't have to watch RIP being set up for the umpteenth time.

    I set a goal of about 3 months.  I probably won't make it.  I will schedule the exam when I feel that I am ready, but that won't be until I have done the workbooks backwards and forwards.

    BTW - I see that you're from UAE.  I always enjoyed my stop-overs in Dubai whenever I was going to/from Afghanistan.  It is a beautiful, modern city.

    HTH - David

  • Hello David,

    Thanks for your post. Its good to know i'm not the only one who is on CCIE journey as full time job. Beleive me I could not find a single person in last 3 months. Have you passed the written test? I am scheduled for June 07 but I might give it a little earlier due to my preparation.


    Like any other, first of all, I have to pick one between INE and IPE. It seems you already have picked INE. What is your recommendation?

  • Finally, I got my number..


    Passed the lab on Dec 08 in Dubai.

  • This is so awesome!




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    Finally, I got my number..


    Passed the lab on Dec 08 in Dubai.

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  • Getting CCIE within 6 Months....ummm...impressive




    Deepak Arora

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