Troubleshoot Ring call Back

Hi !


Please troubleshoot help me


 - IP Phone : 3911 support SIP , IP Comunication support SCCP

- call manager : CUCM 7.1

 I config CUCM reg ip phone in internal, but 3911 not ring call back. i had check IP Communicator is good


Please help me




  • @dinhtranxin,

    The 3911 isn't a phone that is part of the Cisco CCIE Voice lab, and that is primarily what this community is here to support - folks that are trying to pass the CCIE Voice practical exam.

    Also in order to help you diagnose any problem, we would need a lot more information.


    I hope you understand,


  • Hello,

    As Mark stated, more information is certainly required to give a full answer. However, I would recommend checking to ensure that the 3911 is registered with the CUCM, and that both phones or lines are either in the Null parition, or you setup a Calling Search Space which contains the partition for the lines, and assign the CSS to the phones.


    Hope this helps

  • I faced something similar when trying IP blue softphone as SIP phone in my test LAB. SIP phone was running on VM and was registered with CUCM but I can't receive any ring call back. Found that memory resources aren't suffiecient on VM which caused the problem.


    Please illustrate more on your scinerio in order to help.




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