Selling My CCIE LAB - IEOC First Option

Hello INE


I am selling my CCIE lab equipment, quite simply I dont need it as I have access to one at work now since changing jobs. Now before I goto Ebay etc I thought I would offer this to INE candidates first at a good price.

I have the following:

4 x 3550-24-DC

2 x 3640

2 x 2620XM

2 x 2620

3 x 2611

3 x 2610

1 x 2511-RJ45 TS

1 x NM-8A/S

2 x NM-4A/S

7 x WIC-1T

plus DB-60crossover cables and cat5 cables etc. PRICE - £1350 - UK only (sorry) For comparison goto ebay to compare my spec and price.

My lab is fully spec'd to support the INE labs. I am giving an extra 3 routers above the usual 9 u need (R1-6 BB1-3) as spares as I dont need them. If you are interested please drop me an email and I will give you more specific details as the above is just off the top of my head as i forgot my detailed list. Doh! So this post most likely will be updated.



ps INE apologies if this breaks any forum rules


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