CIsco press Multicast BOoks Or INE workbooks+INE ATC&OLS VIDEOS



I just needed to know whether i should use Cisco Press Books For Multicast or will INE Workbooks and Videos be enough for my CCIE RS preparation .


  • Hello Amit,

    it's always a good strategy to read books in the following manner (credit goes to the Brians):


    • Vendor Independent Books: because you will learn how the protocol itself works according to the RFCs. It wil help you understand the nitty griddy of the protocol.
    • Cisco Press Books: you will how Cisco implements the protocol. Not only Cisco does help in drafting the RFCs but Cisco always adds its personal touch to the protocol to tweak it and make it better. So easy to use, no wonder it's number 1. [:D]
    • INE workbook and videos: will focus on on what you need to for the lab and get some hands-on practice. Between the CODs, Open Lecture Series, Blog and the Volume 1 workbook, you have more than enough to get you through the lab. Also, if you have any questions, you can post it in the forum and/or send an email to ASK INE [email protected] ; the instructors would be glad to help. [;)]



  • Buy the Cisco Press Multicast Book.   It will walk you through the basic concepts.  Let the workbooks & DocCD fillin the gaps.

  • the INE video contain very good explaination.

    i found alot of helpful of understanding multicast, esp auto-rp.

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