INCE CCIE Rack equipment substitutes


I have a few queries regarding building a rack specified by INE for the CCIE


I don't have an NM4-A/S  module to expand the number of serial ports on my 2611XM. I need 4 serial ports for R3 in the INE topology. Is there a workaround for this?

Can I do some exercises without attaching R3 to the frame relay cloud?

I have a lot of spare 3600's, 2600's and 2520's.




  • The primary INE logical topology only uses 3 serial connections (only one to Frame Relay), if that helps.


    My lab started off a bit different from the INE setup just from saving money and using what I had on-hand, but I've been migrating it more and more to match their topology exactly because it gets annoying to keep modifying configs to match what I have :)  So to answer your question, yes, there is plenty you can do without matching the topology exactly.  Just alter the requirements or the configs as you go.


    If you're anything like me, though, you'll get fed up with that eventually and get a couple used modules on eBay, haha.

  • You can also use NM-8-AS instead of 4AS.

  • I use a company called knowledge computers or ebay for most of my crap. NM4 and 8 AS are both around 40-50 bucks. 

  • I have recently started using the graded labs/INE rack rental system for Lab Book II. It's really not that expensive and it is really easy to load up the initial configs.

    Another alternative is using GNS3 for the layer 3 practice. Generally speaking it works pretty well but it still has it's limitations. See layer 2 and NBAR.

  • So are you a War3 or WoW player?  I assume you're one of the two judging from your avatar :)



  • Yeah - that is so awesome.


    Man I long for the days when I could play video games.



  • I try to play an hour or two Friday nights.  It's my weekly sanity break.


    Still, that's a far cry from what I used to play before having kids, and especially what I used to do in college.  I used to travel around the country for video game tournaments - very good times.  That was before I'd even heard of Cisco, lol.

  • The sanity break is a great idea. 

    In fact I was reading where during one of our longer study sessions (lets say 4 hours) - we should break for 5 to 10 minutes or so in perhaps an hour period to surf youtube or facebook or whatever and this actually help retention overall for the study session....

  • I used to be a pretty hardcore WoW raider and arena/pvp. I had like 6 lvl 80 toons, 9 70+ toons.

    I quit playing WoW back in October to pick up the study for my CCIE. It was really hard trying to raid 20 hours a week, PvP 20 hours a week, work 40 hours a week and study 40 hours a week, unless I don't sleep or have a life...

    Come to think of it since I started preparing for my lab I haven't slept or had a life...

    Leads me to wonder, I had never played WoW I would I be like triple CCIE by now?

  • :-)

    I was completely addicted to the really old Warcraft that had the top down it must be like version 1 or something.

    I saw a friend playing the online version once and thought to myself.....oh boy....I better not even try it for 2 minutes!

  • I've made a very intentional effort to stay away from WoW because I'm sure I'd get addicted.  I have enough trouble putting down the games I play on Xbox.  I played the second and third Warcrafts extensively, but I've never played the first.


    My brother has a teaching degree and has discussed a lot of learning theories with me, including that breaks are an important part of studying.  Apparently your brain works on understanding things subconsciously while you're taking a break.  I couldn't cite any studies, but it's all interesting stuff.


    That's not to say that we should all play video games for 2 hours a night :)  I have a feeling that wouldn't work very well for CCIE studying, haha.  Too bad.

  • Same as you Anthony and Starcraft too :)

  • I've played Warcraft I, II, III as well, Starcraft and now Starcraft II (horay!), I am also really big into Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. I actually still love to get together with my gaming buddies and get some AOEII LAN party time in... it's 15 years old now but it's the best RTS ever made.

    Pre WoW we used to also spend a lot of time in the FPS realm, most Unreal Tournament and more recently Call of Duty.

    I am a PC gamer through and through, I CANT STAND console gaming. The only console game that can hold my attention for more than 5 minutes is Wii golf.

  • Love AOE II, still play that one from time to time myself.

  • I'm a console gamer at heart, but the one PC genre I play is RTS.  WarII, Starcraft, WarIII... Starcraft II comes out on my tentative exam date - July 27th.  So when I pass, I'll get to go home, buy the game, and just pull an all-nighter.  Heck, I might do that if I don't pass :)


    Maybe we need an IEOC Starcraft II game night when it releases.

  • image

    I owe you a Guiness my friend. My next attempt will likely be the end of June, beginning of July so hopefully I will be clear to game on!

    I'm a console gamer at heart, but the one PC genre I play is RTS.  WarII, Starcraft, WarIII... Starcraft II comes out on my tentative exam date - July 27th.  So when I pass, I'll get to go home, buy the game, and just pull an all-nighter.  Heck, I might do that if I don't pass :)


    Maybe we need an IEOC Starcraft II game night when it releases.


  • No problem, i'll be with you to test WC2 !!!

  • Done deal, I'll make a post in a month or so to see who all wants to play.  Anthony, you should get in!


    Hopefully we're allowed to use the forums to get people to take a study break :)

  • Yes - yes indeed!!!!

    We should get some of the Cisco proctors invovled! 



  • I just now caught your THE CAKE IS A LIE!. Great game! Orange Box was awesome. 


    Now what would be funny (or horrible) is if a proctor had this run over a sound system whilst prepping you for the lab exam: "Hello and again welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one. Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper. Before we start, however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of the enrichment center activities, serious injuries may occur. For your own safety, and the safety of others, please refrain from-"

  • The most hysterical and LEGENDARY ending to a game, ever.

    FYI my gaming alias is Nkrypt3d, which originated back when I was a skater and a bit of a script kiddie/nerd. My skater friends call me 'encrypted' because I was always reading some hacker/security book and talking about cipher mechanisms. I originally adopted it as |||<|2y|-3|) but that just looks like an album cover from 80s...



  • I know, it truly ranks as one of my favorite games. The ending is epic. My wife found the song on my droid while listening to some music on a trip. All the sudden I hear, " WTF, is this song from?"

    my reply, "Uhhmm, Portal: Still Alive. It's a pretty cool game." 

    "Oh, well then; that explains it! You are one GIANT geek! Just so you know." 


    It is kind of sad I have that on my phone. 


  • Wow, we totally Hi-jacked this thread. 


    So getting back to point. If you REALLY want some fair deals on equipment. And are looking to buy equipment. I suggest calling Dave, or Kuljit from knowledgecomputers dot net. They used to have their prices listed and always gave great deals if you let em know you are working on a lab for study purposes. They're pretty awesome about hooking me up with stuff. Just tell dudes Terry from Cinci sent me your way. Awesome guys. I think I got an NM8-AS for $20 from them last time. Free shipping as well. I've used those guys for equipment on a budget every place I've been. Plus if stuff doesn't work when you get they will replace it (within the first 90 days I think). After that they expect you to put in on a smartnet contract. 

  • Haha, total thread hijack.

    Wow, we totally Hi-jacked this thread. 


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