Exam delivery... On Screen or Book.

I am headed to RTP next week to do my Security lab and had a couple of questions since it has been almost 2 years since I was there last. 


1. Are the test questions, diagrams, etc., still given in the form of a booklet (hard copy), or are they now on screen (Soft Copy)?  I've heard rumors that there are no more test books.

2. Can you step outside the building for a smoke break still?  Howard (the old RTP proctor), and Howard's assistants (Bobby and Robin) had no problems with smoke breaks, and when you were done your cigarette, they would come to reception and let you back in the lab room. 

3. Lab room still at building 3 ?

4. Anyone want to stand outside the window at RTP and hold queue cards for me with my personal notes to ensure my success at the exam?  Just kidding!  :)


Thanks in advance!



Damian B. Piccinin

CCIE # 22709 (R&S)





  • Hi All,

    Just got back from Raleigh so here is an update to the questions I had earlier:


    1. Security, Voice and SP still use exam booklets (hard copy).  R&S have all the questions on screen.


    2. For those of you that need a cigarette break, this is still not a problem.  Just go out the back of the lab room to the loading dock area.  When you are done, stand by the window to be let in  or go to reception and have them call the proctor.


    3. CCIE lab location is still the same at RTP, i head rumors they moved bulidings, but not true, it is still building 3.


    4. The new proctor Kelly seems very nice and helpful and made the experience good.  Although I do miss Howard!


    5. My desk, and others I saw all have the 24 inch monitors.


    6. Security and another track still has Secure CRT.  R&S has putty instead of Secure CRT.



    Hope this helps!



    Damian B. Piccinin

    CCIE # 22709 (R&S)



  • Thanks Mate. Useful info

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