Core Knowledge Portion Eliminated

We just got rid of core knolwedge section on R&S CCIE Lab tests.

Voice as well got rid of that, but I am concerned about RnS.

I will be more logical now to pass and more surity as well after working hard as well.




  • I SAW IT !!!!   Kinda strange though..i thought the OEQ's were a anti-cheating mechanism...wonder what happened to that idea ??

  • Though a religious talk, but I don't think it prevents cheating, but it just makes you vulnerable to any non-sense mistake at the very beginning of exam with no chance of you can reverse in next 8 hours, and I don't think you can cover-up an expert level knowledge in really 4 questions, which are like a LUKY DRAW, did not make any sense to me at all.  I know some may have argument that they can not even test you against blueprint, but you have chance to correct an earlier error/mistake in the configs at least, and it is practical and it has a lots of tasks to test expertise as compared to just 4 open ended question!



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