Lab 10 Mistakes

Hello INE,

I have a couple of mistakes that should be take care of on the next updates of Volume 2 lab. So here we go:


  • Task 2.1: In the SG, it does not show the solution. On R1, under interface Serial 0/0, the command "delay 20038" should be applied.
  • Task 2.9: the task is mentioning a connection to AS 100 on the Frame Link of R6 which does not exist in the topology. That line should be erased. 
  • Task 3.2: the task states to adverstise Loopback100 on R3 (2001:150:X:3::3/64) into RIPng. It should be OSPFv3. In the SG, the Loopback is advertised into OSPFv3. 




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