Voice QOS

Need some help with QOS on a small Voice network.  How should I configure the QOS for the voice network? Should I just do auto-qos?

Basically what I have is a small 8 phone Cisco VoIP network with Call Manager Business Edition 6.0. The Call Manager resides at the host campus with 1 IP phone. The other 7 are across a Metro-E WAN. The Call Manger and the 1 phone are connected to a 3560. This 3560 also handles the WAN connections. It connects to a 3750 across the WAN (20Mb) through a trunk port. The 3750 then connects to a 3560 through a routed layer 3 interface (100Mb). This 3560 is the default gateway for the PC’s and Phones. It also has the Voice Gateway connected to it.  It then connects to another 3560 through a trunk port (1Gb) carrying the vlans for PC’s and phones. This 3560 has the Phones connected to it.

Originally when this was setup the only qos was on the phone ports with  mls qos trust device cisco-phone and mls qos trust dscp on the ports for the Voice Gateway and Call Manager.


Thanks for any help!!




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