Command to tell where in config mode you are?


Is there a command while in enable mode that one can issue to have the router or switch tell you where in config you are?  I often find myself in configuration mode, configurating an interface and don't know which interface I'm currently configurating because either a lot of text has scrolled by or I've been doing 'do show' commands and forget.  I will then usually need to type int int f0/0 or whatever to go back to where I was.




  • not too sure if this feature exists. Attached below is the common
    editing commands used




    Sometimes when I get lost in the cli, i'll do a "(do) sh history" to see what my last few commands where, that will usually help me find where the heck I am.

    --The TechEdit Team


  • If you've done more than 10 (the default) 'do show' commands you'll need to use the 'do show history all' command.  Bear in mind that the 'show history' command from EXEC mode will NOT display any commands typed while in Config Mode whereas the 'do show history' command (while in Config Mode) will.  Interesting, indeed.

  • Well said DAXM. It's interesting to see the "show history" command will only show the commands typed in the mode you're in. It's always a good move in the lab to bump up the history buffer size to 256:

    line con 0
      history size 256

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