CCIE Security Labs V5.0: Test PC/AAA server connection problems.


I have purchased rack rental sessions from Graded Labs for the CCIE Security track. Whilst working through the specific labs, I stumbled upon connectivity issues between the AAA server/Test PC and the rest of the lab. Once I put either the Test PC or the AAA server on the respective segments, I am not able to ping any off the devices on that segment.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I followed the physical connectivity diagrams and ensured that the respective ports are in the correct VLANs and the PC/AAA server have correct IP addresses. I could not pick up the mac-addresses on the Test PC or AAA server on switch 1 and switch.

Has anyone seen something like this or can someone help please?



  • We have upgraded our Security racks to the Version 4 Cisco blueprint.  We have also done some improvements with the associated servers.


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