Can't ping R1's frame interface

Can anyone explain why i cant ping R1's Frame relay interface please?

I finished the igp part of this lab with the exception of the redistribution (4.9). Prior to starting redistribution i completed some ping tests to confirm igp connectivity.

This is where i find that i cant ping R1's frame relay interface from R4 (using R4 as an example as the results are identical for R2), and as a result i can't ping R4's loopback from R1 without specifying the source as loop0. From R4 i can ping R1's loop0 - no problems.

I've included sections of the route tables below for R1 R4 & R5

R5 - R1 are both ospf net type point-to-point
R5 - R4 ospf network type point-to-multipoint

Rack1R1#sh ip route | inc 245.4
O [110/184] via, 00:16:36, Serial1/0
Rack1R1#sh ip route | inc 150.1.4
O [110/185] via, 00:16:46, Serial1/0


Rack1R4(config-if)#do sh ip route | inc 136.1.15
O [110/204] via, 00:19:51, Serial1/1
Rack1R4(config-if)#do sh ip route | inc 150.1.1
O [110/129] via, 00:03:54, Serial1/0


Rack1R5(config-if)#do sh ip route
Gateway of last resort is not set is variably subnetted, 9 subnets, 2 masks
O [110/120] via, 00:21:34, Serial1/1
C is directly connected, Serial1/0.245
C is directly connected, Serial1/0.15
O IA [110/130] via, 00:21:34, Serial1/1
R [120/1] via, 00:00:03, Ethernet0/1
C is directly connected, Serial1/1
C is directly connected, Serial1/1
O IA [110/130] via, 00:21:34, Serial1/1
C is directly connected, Ethernet0/1
R [120/7] via, 00:00:04, Ethernet0/0
R [120/7] via, 00:00:04, Ethernet0/0
C is directly connected, Ethernet0/0 is subnetted, 4 subnets
R [120/1] via, 00:00:23, Ethernet0/1
C is directly connected, Loopback0
O [110/121] via, 00:21:54, Serial1/1
O [110/65] via, 00:21:54, Serial1/0.15
R [120/7] via, 00:00:24, Ethernet0/0
O [110/205] via, 00:20:07, Serial1/1


  • Sorted this out.

    FYI - anyone who read this and was as confused by my submission as me.

    I had made a change to the ospf network type after setting up ospf and seeing adjacencies form - making all the interfaces between R4,R5,R2 ospf net point-to-multipoint. This didn't seem to affect anything - other than above issue - whilst everything was stable but when the interface on R4 was shut/no shut to test the ospf cost configurations, the adjacency failed to reform.

    I debugged frame packets and saw i was missing a map statement on the frame interface. i still had a frame interface-dlci configuration from previous incorrect frame setup. I removed interface-dlci and replaced with a map to R5, the ospf adjacency formed and R1's serial responded to ping.

    Interestingly the routing table output is still the same. probably should have gone back to basics much sooner.
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