MLPPP over Frame Relay issue

I have PPPoFR running on a cisco 1700 (pretty old series), virtual template is configured properly, I have 2 T1’s bonded in a PPP multilink.I do not own the frame relay switch (ISP does). On the physical interfaces serial 1 (access-member 1 is up/up) serial 0 (access member 2 is up/down) if I do a shut no shut on this interface it becomes up/up and after 10 seconds goes back to up/down. The output of the show frame-relay pvc command shows pvc=active for serial 1 and deleted for serial 0, if I use the no keepalive command under the up/down interface (serial 0) and shut no shut it stays up/up but no traffic goes through, the show FR lmi command displays that this IF has not received a reply in 5 weeks, but the last request was 2 seconds ago. Is there any other explanation for this than ISP deleted their end of the PVC for the T1 that is connected to serial 0?

Also I was working with the ISP on this, because they state that their end of the PVC has not been deleted (which I don’t think so) and they shutdown and turned back on the T1 (the one that goes to serial 0) from their end while I had term monitor on my router. I saw the interface go down/down and then back up/up and after 10 seconds go back to up/down, that proves that the WIC is fine and there is physical connectivity to the ISP. Thanks!


  • I would double check your config including your local dlci's, lmi type etc. Have you tried removing that circuit from the bundle and see if it goes active? Posting a config might help. Also check to make sure your linecode and framing is correcto on that serial 0 interface. That second pvc isnt getting lmi from the FR switch.

  • Yeah. LMI type on both sides was ANSI and all configs were fine, it is fixed now ISP had their end of the PVC deleted.

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