Lab3 Task 1.7

Can anyone explain why the solution guide uses an access list to limit which station can access the SNMP communities. Looking at the question it's not apparent that this is part of the requirement.

Please someone help.


  • Hello,

    as it advised , snmp server is 136.x.2.100 ,so you should access list to allow this server only

    don't forget that snmp is a server trying to get or set information from/on the router ,so if you don't apply this access list any server can use snmp to access the router

    hope that is clear
  • Hi Moamen,

    Agree that for good security design - that is a good idea but I agree with airsolid, the question didn't ask to secure access for this server only. Throughout IE products, I am reminded not to do more configuration that is asked for or required to complete the task. So, why the additional access control in the solution? Surely without the ACL, the solution is still correct?

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