INE Vedios

I wounder if any one can tell if there is any vedio talking about MPLS ospf sham link I tried to find it in the Advanced Technology and open lecture series But I can't find it also I can't find vedios explaining CoPP

thank you


  • Personally I dont consider OSPF Sham Link as part of CCIE R&S. But you may find it in SP CODs. As far I remember, both old 10 day AT COD and New 5 Day AT COD dont cover it. But not sure about Open Lecture Series and NEW AT COD which is under progress

  • Thabk you for replying

    But I don't Agree with you OSPF Sham link is part of the R&S V4 Lab Exam

    since Cisco added Mpls on the LAB Exam Blue print

    But Also I'm looking for any vedio talking about multicast SSM and CoPP and RSVP but I'm not able to find them


    If any one can tell me if they are covered in the vedios or will be much appreciated.



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