Lab 6 Task 6.2 ... Link Local Address?

To configure IPv6 Link Local address & Fram-relay Link Local Mapping is not mentioned in the task, then why link local address is configured on the interfaces in task 6.2. Could any one please clearify? Thanks


  • Hi,

    Just configure the
    Rack2R2(Config)#interface e0/0
    Rack2R2(Config-if)#ipv6 enable
    Rack2R2(Config-if)#ipv6 address ipv6-prefix/prefix-length eui-64


    1. enable

    2. configure terminal

    3. interface type number

    4. ipv6 address ipv6-prefix/prefix-length eui-64
    ipv6 address ipv6-address/prefix-length link-local
    ipv6 address ipv6-prefix/prefix-length anycast
    ipv6 enable

    5. exit

    6. ipv6 unicast-routing

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  • Tariq,

    IPv6 routing protocols will use the link-local (FE80::) address to communicate with neighboring routers. On frame-relay links you will need to configure maps for both the global (or site-local) address and the link-local address when using IPv6 routing protocols.

    IPv6 Neighbor Discovery will work on Ethernet, but not on frame-relay, which is why these mappings need to be configured.

    Point-to-point subinterfaces, whether IPv4 or IPv6 do not require a frame-relay map statement, just the frame-relay interface-dlci command.

  • Hello,

    Just I need to confirm , in this task do we need to configure fram-relay map or not and why ?

    I tried it without the map and it is working , but I did forget to check if there is a dynamic map created or not

    Please advise,

  • Hello,

    Sorry , I just relized that no need to map as this is a tunnel , not ipv6 over frame-relay

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