CCIE Security Lab Workbook Volume 1 V 3.0

Hi All

I recently got lab books and dvd for the security track i want to do basic labs i am using GNS 3,

on Lab 1 it is mentioned to configure Routers, ASA1 etc and also switches i am bit confused how to connect switches to to routers and ASA

if some one briefly describe this lab it will be appreciated,

how to connect using GNS3, after this lab the topology is same for next couple of labs and i will be able to do some labs

Thank You



  • Hi,


    Refer to GNS3 web, there is helpful documentation...

    i also starting form zero, now working on VOl I. VPN

    you can simulate simple topology with GNS3, routers, switch, and PIX(8.0.4) but from my experiences ... if the topology require IPSec, CA, my laptop starting to slowdown, and some feature does not work, it takes me a lot time to troubleshoot. You also might require ACS for AAA thing and setting up Microsoft CA

    But after I tried in virtual Rack, it is fine and working.

    So.. it is OK to use GSN3 for simple topology and testing some features..




  • Insert a swtich module like NM-16ESW into a router and connect it's L2 ports to the router and ASA. The Switch module inside the router will be the switch for you.


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