Section 8.1 Route Tagging



I have a problem with setting the next hop via a route-map. I can see the route on R1 with a tag of 666 and I can see that the community of 666 being set when i look at the VPNv4 BGP entry but I cannot see the next hop being set. Does setting the next hop value definately work when linked to a route-map for a BGP neighbor? Looking at the BGP command reference. The next hop has to be a peer how did you guys get round it?


config below


ip community-list 10 permit 666


route-map SET_NEXT_HOP permit 10

match community 10

set ip next hop


router bgp 12349

neighbor remote-as 12349

neighbor description To Router3

neighbor update-source loopback0

neighbor route-map SET_NEXT_HOP out

address-family vpnv4

neighbor activate

neighbor send-community both




  • Your route-map is applied to the bgp ipv4 unicast process for AS12349, the route map should be applied to your address-family vpnv4 peer (, also if i remember correctly that lab Request R1 to peer with RR R3 with VPNV4 exchanges only.  Make sure 3.1 is correct.



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