Task 4.8 - passive interface VLAN7 on SW1


I suppose the solution guide is not correct for Task 4.8 on SW1.
The passive-interface default is set, but only VLAN 57 is set to NO passive, but I think also VLAN 7 should be set to NO passive according to the task?!



  • This is how I explain the passive interface command in the Class-on-Demand.

    The network statement does three things. First off the network statement advertises the networks configured on the interfaces that the network statement encompasses. These could be one or more networks. Secondly it enables the sending of updates or hellos, depending on the routing protocol used, outbound on the interface/interfaces. Lastly it allows updates or hellos to be received and processed inbound on the interface/interfaces.

    The passive interface stops only one of these steps and that is the second step. It does not stop the advertisement of the network by the protocol or stop the receiving of inbound updates or hellos. Of course with any protocol that uses hellos that protocol will require a neighbor relationship to be formed before updates can be sent/received.
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