best approach

I'll start working on my INE workbooks;

can i do the vl 1 using dynamips ? (obviosly the L2 stuff needs switches so i'll rent the rack for that)

what's the best aproach ?

what i meant is the rack is a 6 hours rental period, i can do that during the week-end but not during the week.

My plan is 3-4 hours per day during the week and a 6 hours per week-end.


I do not own any physical equipment... how should i aproach it ?






  • Sorin_P,


    I am using dynamips and yes, the bridging and switching section is not very useful with dynamips, but the rest of Volume 1 I am having no problems doing on my PC with dynamips instead of renting equipment.



  • yeah i had issues with dynamips and got pissed at the wasted time spend fixing my pc or dynampis issues so i rented racks at graded labs and so far i love it

    I love the VOL 1 and grinding trough


    One avantahe i have with garded labs i try to do the full 6hrs that i rent

  • I am with you.  I have had some issues here and there with Dynampis and I just rent racks now.  $$$ but worth it. 


    I stil use dynampis for work when I need to test something before I go in front of customers.


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