QoS on Vol 1 WB

Since the legacy QoS feature set is not tested on the lab, which parts of  the vol1 WB(Qos section) should I concentrate on? IMHO, besides the doc cd, this  volume is the best one stop cisco resource.

This is a keeper for work. I know I might have to eventually go through the legacy feature set just in case I run into it at work and it kinda gives u a background  on the MQC, but it's huge and I just want to  concentrate on what's covered in the blueprint. Thanks.



  • You may want to check out the Expanded Blueprint that has been put together by the Instructor Team here at INE. 


    Notice the QoS topics they have listed there:

    8.00    Implement Quality of   Service (QoS)

    8.10    Implement Modular QoS CLI (MQC)

    (a) Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR)

    (b) Class-based weighted fair queuing (CBWFQ)

    (c) modified deficit round robin (MDRR)

    (d) low latency queuing (LLQ)

    (e) Classification

    (f) Policing

    (g) Shaping

    (h) Marking

    (1) CoS

    (2) DE

    (3) Experimental Bits

    (4) IP Precedence

    (5) DSCP

    (i) Weighted random early detection (WRED)

    (j) Compression

    (1) RTP Header Compression

    (2) TCP Header Compression

    (3) Class-Based Header Compression Methods

    8.20    Implement Layer 2 QoS

    (a) weighted round robin (WRR)

    (b) shaped round robin (SRR)

    (c) policies

    8.30    Implement link fragmentation and interleaving (LFI) for Frame Relay

    ?8.40    Implement generic traffic shaping?

    8.50    Implement Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)?

    8.60    Implement Cisco AutoQoS

    (a) Requirements

    (b) VoIP

    (c) AutoQoS for Enterprise

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