Question about Do's and Don'ts

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Just wondering if, hypothetically, one were to violate one of the do's or don'ts, would he be sent home with a zero for the configuration part of the lab, zero for a particular section (L3  for instance) or zero for a specific question? Would changing the encapsulation of an interface or two be worth it to get full L3 reachability?

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  • Violating one of the do's or dont is not recommended

    When I took mine I asked the proctor how he grades the lab and he runs a script at the end of your exam against your lab looking for matching configs. If you change an IP address for example, that your not supposed to,  you would not match his script therefore will recieve 0 points for most if not all layer 3 questions.

    Stick within the rules (the do's and dont's) and try your best. The exam is hard enough without you trying to be extra clever and change what CISCO has explicitly asked you not to change. There is not harm in, for example, struggling with a question where it would say DO NOT USE THE NETWORK COMMAND IN OSPF but say thats all you know so to answer the question you use the NETWORK COMMAND.

    Ok you dont get the points for the question but look at the big picture here, you havent violated the DO;s and Dont's but you have managed to keep you IP reachability going. Just make sure you get the next question right! ;-)


    ..make sense?


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