LAB7 3.1

In my lab there seems to be no reachability between R4 and R3 on the loopbacks. I've loaded the initial configs. The solution or the task says nothing about configuring routing for this task.


Redistribution on R1 should make this work tho. But is this a little bug in the initial config?


  • The routing is completely fucked in this LAB. Most of the stuff is unreachable!!

  • The routing can be fixed. The problem is that in the initial configuration files interface Serial 0/0.1245 has a wrong IP address in Router 1 (for Racks 2 - 9)

    In all labs it is ip address instead of 136.X.0.1.

    When you configure the correct Rack number, ospf will do the rest :)


  • Does the initial configuration also missing the advertisement of Loopback 4 in R4.

    Because how Vlan 100 will be able to reach Lo4 while it's not advertised ?

  • The configs I have seem to work OK:


    SCRack1R3#sh ip ro

    Routing entry for

      Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 130, type inter area

      Last update from on FastEthernet0/0, 06:58:06 ago

      Routing Descriptor Blocks:

      *, from, 06:58:06 ago, via FastEthernet0/0

          Route metric is 130, traffic share count is 1

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