Task9.26 PIMv6 BSR


Hi, ..


I am struggeling with this task.


The Task description says, the R4 should be the BSR and R6 the RP for all Grous. R5s F0/0 has joined FF08::8.

test with pinging from R3 to FF08::8.


Looking at the SG, this might be a typo, because the SG shows the pings from R1 and not R3.


Nevertheless i am trying to get the pings from R3 up and running (without success).


I have applied the static mroutes:


On R1:

ipv6 route FC00:1:0:4::/64 FastEthernet0/0 2001:1:0:146:C003:4FF:FEAE:1

.. so that R1 sends its Joins via F0/0 towards R6


On R5:

ipv6 route FC00:1:0:4::/64 Serial1/1 multicast
ipv6 route FC00:1:0:6::/64 Serial1/1 multicast

.. so that R5 finds its way up to the BSR and the C-RP.


Pinging from R1 to FF08::8 works fine, pinging from R3 does not.


It looks for me, that a Source on R3 does not register across the FR-Cloud.



On all Mcast Routers R6, R1, R4, R5 and R3 :

The PIM Tunnels are up and running, so all Routers learned about the BSR and the C-RP.


On R3:


  • RPF check to R5, R4, R6 points to the Fr-cloud, should be okay.


  • Joined R3 to another Group, FF08::9, which worked immediately. The appropriate (S,G) entries were created

on every Router in the path (R5, R4, R6, R1) , PIM Topology Table was updated and pinging from R1 worked.


  • traffic-filters (from previous task) on R3 were removed before doing the tests.


I have the funny feeling that this is due to the Partial Mesh Point-to-Multipoint Scenario presented here.

Are there any other steps to do, so that a Source that is sitting behind a FR-Spoke ( here: R3) is able to Source traffic

to a MCast Group in IPv6 ?


Any help is strongly appreciated.





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