Security Bootcamp CoD

Hi guys,

Is there any sample available? the price is really high and I wanna confirm if it really worth it.




  • Nope this is CoD sample. I am talking about 5 Day Bootcamp CoD. Here is the product link:



    lol...looks like folks are not aware of this product and I just became a brand embassodor!! IE should give me the product for free now ;-)

  • The Class on Demand is worth the investment.  I know the bootcamp is full of advanced technologies because I moderated the online bootcamp with the instructor Brian McGahan.

    You will NOT be dissapointed!

  • It's the same interface as the ATC-COD, using the Acrobat Connect.  The class I took in the begining of March was awesome.  It was not like the ATC-COD, it was focused on the lab.  A sample lab was covered and Brian gave details on why certain solutions made sense, how they worked and what gotchas to look for.  All-in-all it was well worth the money, and on the plus side the recording was made avaliable to review as needed. 

  • Hello Zeus,

    Take a look at the CCIE Security 5-Day Bootcamp Class-on-Demand sample here:


    Hi guys,

    Is there any sample available? the price is really high and I wanna confirm if it really worth it.





  • Hi Kady,


    DOnt want to be a pain here but demo has only Lab strategy which I am sure both Brians share with us for free or in Security CoD. I need to see a sample from the core scenario and table of contents will be great too :-)

  • Hi Zeus,

    I'll talk to development and see about having additional
    samples made available along with a detailed outline added to our website.  For now send me an email ([email protected]) and
    I can get you temporary access to one of the scenario walkthroughs to help you
    get a better understanding of the Bootcamp CoD.

    Here is a brief breakdown of the 5-Day Bootcamp CoD:

    Days 1, 2 and 3 - Advanced scenarios (These scenarios
    cover a good percentage of the technologies and topics you should expect to see
    in the real lab) Day 4 - Mock lab (full-length 8 hour mock lab) Day 5 - Review
    of the mock lab solutions and class wrap-up.



  • Hi kady

    Thanks for the tempory access.

    The recorded bootcamp is release 3.

    Will it be updated after the new onsite security bootcamp that will happen on september 15 to September 19 ?

    How knows, the onsite class recorded and made available as COD !!!

    i it will make more senarios available ...


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