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  • some problems with GRE Tunnel

    i can`t understanding these configurations 1- if we are using ip address under tunnel interface , then why we need tunnel source s0/0 configuration? by default source ip address of the packet go threw must be source address , so why we need to change this address by using tunnel source command? 2- if new packet is created into the
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 01-11-2017
  • Re: something about my Frame Relay topology

    HI Again My Sir /Rob iam using UNL lab :- R1#show version Cisco IOS Software, Linux Software (I86BI_LINUX-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.5(2)T , DEVELOPMENT TEST SOFTWARE Technical Support: Copyright (c) 1986-2015 by Cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Thu 26-Mar-15 07:36 by prod_rel_team ROM: Bootstrap program is Linux R1
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 01-06-2017
  • Re: something about my Frame Relay topology

    hi rob i want to ask you something if serial interface don`t support seconday ip address like keith bogart said, then why that interface accepted my configurations ? R1(config)#interface serial 1/1 R1(config-if)#ip address secondary R1(config-if)# s1/1 accepted secondary interface without any errors who is right keith bogart or
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 01-05-2017
  • Re: something about my Frame Relay topology

    tHANKS GREATE SIR / ROB RIKER I appretiated your answerinmg
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 01-05-2017
  • something about my Frame Relay topology

    hi everyome This is frame-relay topology , and this is my configurations:- R2(config)#frame-relay switching interface Serial1/1 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay IETF shutdown keepalive 15 serial restart-delay 0 clock rate 128000 frame-relay interface-dlci 27 frame-relay interface-dlci 276 frame-relay lmi-type q933a frame-relay intf-type dce end
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 01-04-2017
  • wrong into this lecture

    hi everyone into IEOC there`re some error into this lecture into " The CCNA Candidate’s Guide to OSPF " with " Instructor: Travis Bonfigli " ospf don` using (10)xy7/BW , that is wrong into this video ospf is using (10)xy5 / BW >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100m/w>>>>>100.000/BW(K/s
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 12-15-2016
  • Re: tshoot 2

    hello my friend JoeM how are you? i hope you`re into good healthy you and all your family iam sorry about this headline of subject but i forget all the times [quote user="JoeM"] 2. R3 responded before R2, and R2 detected this, and it sends out it's warning message. [/quote] how?
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 12-14-2016
  • searching for new job

    hi everyone in ieoc i finish ccnp r&s videos with mr keith bogart and i am searching for new job now is it possible to get job into usa or uk ? iam from egypt but here in egypt there`re not any opportunity for ccnp career if anyone have good link to use it for searching job into usa or uk for foreighner please share it thanks a lot
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 11-29-2016
  • Re: tshoot 2

    please anyone reply me!!!!!!![:'(]
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 11-27-2016
  • tshoot 2

    hi everyone on ieoc I MAKE this lab to test something about proxy-arp and need help r1)#no ip routing i make r1 as end host to test proxy-arp on r2 and r3 and change mac for r2 and r3 to make it easily to ask my question proxy-arp is on by default on r2 and r3 r1#show arp R1#SH ARP Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface Internet 10
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 11-16-2016
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