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  • Re: wrong into this lecture

    [quote user="kbogart"] Mohammed, While your understanding of the relationship of Variance to the EIGRP Feasibility Condition is correct, your interpretation of my video is incorrect. Nowhere in that portion of the video did I state that those values are "REPORTED DISTANCE" values. I said (and wrote) that they are DISTANCE values
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-24-2017
  • Re: spanning tree question

    please anyone have any reply?
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-20-2017
  • Wrong With This Lecture

    Hi Everyone Into IEOC 4-Metrics & Tables here`s another wrong K5 into Eigrp Metric NOT Reliability, it`s MTU and it`s not used into calculation value k5 and hop count are values not used into eigrp metric calculation
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-17-2017
  • wrong into this lecture

    Hi everyone into IEOC MR/keith bogart have BIG Mistake into this lecture into my review into this lecture, into video 83- Eigrp Implementing he said that if we make :- router eigrp as variance 2 it will accept all these routes and put them into eigrp RT,and that`s FAULSE because when we make variance , the variance output must be applies with all routes
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-15-2017
  • spanning tree question

    hi i don`t understand this point into red square , please anyone explain this point to me i draw this picture and i need help to understand this point into red square into the book how we choose rp and dp into this diagram? why we make access ports into sw-3 and sw-4 as dp ? why sw-3 and sw-4 send out bpdu from these ports to end hosts?
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-12-2017
  • Re: how i study ?

    Martinl why you do that? please if you have reply , please tell me your reply
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-01-2017
  • how i study ?

    i notice that there`re around 15 books related to ccna scope and around 5 companies have explaining to ccna scope(ine-ip expert,cbt nuggets,livelessons,and some other companies) is that means that i must to read all these books and watching all these videos into ccna scope? ------------- same thing with ccnp i have around 20 books related to ccnp scope
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 04-01-2017
  • VS

    hi everyone pc1 have ip address what is the difference between : ping and ping ?????
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 03-20-2017
  • Re: changing layer 2 address

    Hi r ob thank you very much
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 03-07-2017
  • changing layer 2 address

    Hi as you see into this picture when pc1 send frame to pc2 , src mac=0000.0000.0003 dst mac =0000.0000.0004 but why sw don`t change layer 2 mac address to be outgoing port f0/0 so when frame sent out from sw wiill be like this src mac=0000.0000.0003 dst mac=0000.0000.0002 ?
    Posted to CCNP (Forum) by major133 on 03-06-2017
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