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  • aggregation in MPLS L3VPN

    Hi guys; If we need to use aggregation about client networks in MPLS L3VPN scenario, what is the recommended solution for this? one solution would be summarizing the clients network while redistribution occurs on PE routers toward CE routers. could the other solution be using BGP aggregation on PE router...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 11-03-2015
  • Transitive Communities across MPLS network

    Hello everyone. Is it possible for a customer to advertise a community to a service provider's L3 MPLS VPN network and have the community received at the far end CE? [COMMUNITY abc:def] [CE1] -- [PE1] -- [P] -- [PE2] -- [CE2] [COMMUNITY abc:def] What would it take on the MPLS configuration to pass...
  • Any Transport over MPLS (AToMPLS)

    Hi. I want to enable communication between R7 and R9 over SP network that consists of R8, R10, R12 and R13. I've enabled BGP 100 and MPLS between SP routers. this is my topology and config. the Ethernet over MPLS does not work. do I need to create a direct tunnel link between R8 and R10 with MPLS...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 10-17-2014
  • Simple MPLS Lab

    I have set up a lab in GNS3 with R1 -- R2 -- R3. All Ethernet interfaces. And enabled MPLS with the interface command "mpls ip" on all enabled interfaces. However, I can only get one mpls neighbor at a time only. When I run "show mpls ldb neighbor" from R2, I can only get one neighbor...
  • Wierd MPLS No Label

    Rack1R4(config-if)#do show mpls for Local Outgoing Prefix Bytes Label Outgoing Next Hop Label Label or Tunnel Id Switched interface 17 No Label[V] 0 Et0/1 18 Pop Label 0 Se1/1 point2point 19 No Label 0 Se1/0 20 Pop Label 0...
  • LDP behaviour. weird or expected?

    I have the following scenario - R1(s1/1)------12.x-------------(s1/0.1)R2(s1/0.2)------------25.x------------(s1/0)R5 R1: interface Serial1/1 ip address encapsulation frame-relay ip ospf network point-to-point mpls ip frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast end R2: interface...
  • WB_Vol2-Lab11-Task4.2

    Hi, I am just wondering if the task 4.2 solution is correct or am I missing something. I just followed the solution as I could not solve it myself. It is still not establishing BGP VPNV4 peer between R4 and R6. I can't understand the concept of tunnel46 in there. Can somebody explain? Thanks, Saravana
  • show mpls forwarding-table question

    Hey gang, I have the following output and I have a question about one part of it. The bold part of the output is what I am curious about. The first part is dest and source mac, the part after the space is the label value. Does anyone know what the underlined part represents or decodes to? Rack1R6#show...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by wayne on 01-17-2013
  • MPLS labels

    Hi there, Everytime I did "clear ip bgp *", the labels assigned to prefixes changed. Anyway to keep the label assignment consistent? That would help with troubleshooting ! thanks.
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by thdao on 10-28-2011
  • MPL PHP confguration

    Can some one help me to find documentation to configure MPLS PHP on edge router? A link would be great..
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